Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


By means of this notice Industrias H. Pardo S.L., as owner and holder of the internet domain, informs to the users of its network of websites about the personal data protection policy in order to decide freely and voluntary on sharing with Industrias H. Pardo S.L. their personal data that may be requested or that may be obtained from them as a result of subscription to or registration of any of the services provided by Industrias H. Pardo S.L. through its network of websites.


Industrias H. Pardo S.L. reserves the right to modify the current policy to adapt it to new legislation or new good-case laws as well as to industry practices. In these circumstances, Industrias H, Pardo S.L., will announce any changes on this page with reasonable advance notice before carrying them out.


Certain services rendered through the Web site network of Industrias H. Pardo S.L. might contain special conditions with specific provisions in regard to Personal Data protection. The Personal Data collected will be automatically processed and incorporated  into the corresponding automated files generated by Industrias H. Pardo S.L. and for which the company is owner and responsible.


For this purpose, prior to any subscription, Industrias H. Pardo S.L. will provide users with the necessary technical means of Access to this notice about the Data Protection Policy or any other relevant information, so they can provide their consent to Industrias H. Pardo S.L. to proceed with the automated processing of their personal data.


Except to those fields where it is stated otherwise, the answers to the questions on personal data are voluntary, failure to do so having no influence on the quality or quantity of services offered to the user.


The personal data capture and computerized storage is meant to easy your future contractual relationship with Industrias H. Pardo S. L, management, administration, supply, extension and improvement of services Users may decided to apply for, order or use, the services suitability with Users’ preferences and taste, study of the use given to services by Users, the design of new services connected with the said preferences, forwarding of service updating, forwarding, either by traditional or electronic means, of technical, operational or commercial information about products and services offered by  Industrias H. Pardo S.L. and/or by third parties either currently or in the future.


The purpose of gathering and treating Personal Details in an automated way also includes the sending of surveys that the User is not forced to answer. Industrias H. Pardo S.L. has adopted all levels of Personal Detail protection which are legally required, and installed other additional means and techniques in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of all Personal Details provided by Users to Industrias H. Pardo S.L. The foregoing notwithstanding, the user must bear in mind that Internet security measures are not impregnable.


Users have the acknowledged rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition. Similarly, Users have the right to be informed about all transfers made, by contacting Industrias H. Pardo S.L.  to the mail address Industrias H. Pardo S.L. will not transfer them to third parties, except if it is necessary to undertake the User requested services.


The agreements by which these concessions are made to the User shall be recorded under description within this same Data Protection Policy. Industrias H. Pardo S.L. uses cookies when a User navigates through the environment's web pages and sites. Cookies that may be used in the environment's sites and web pages are only associated to the navigator belonging to a determined computer (an anonymous User), and don't provide the User's name and surnames. Thanks to cookies, Industrias H. Pardo S.L. can recognize the registered User's navigators after they have accessed the reserved environment areas for the first time, so that they won't have to register again on following visits to the environment. Used cookies cannot read Users’hard disk, neither cookie files created by other suppliers.


The User has the possibility to configure his/her navigator so that s/he will be warned when cookies are being received and to prevent cookie installation in the hard disk. To use the network of Industrias H. Pardo S.L., Users do not have to permit the installation of the cookies sent by Industrias H. Pardo S.L., although not doing so could result in a poorer browsing experience for technical reasons. For legal reasons, Industrias H. Pardo S.L. may and must provide as much information as required by the competent authorities in compliance with Spanish law in the event of receiving the relevant judicial order, which will only be given when a judge has a firm suspicion that the user has carried out illegal activities.


Under this supposition, and with the intention of collaborating with the justice system, Industrias H. Pardo S.L. can record and later provide to the police, on prior presentation of the legally required judicial order, information relating to the IP address which identifies the user's connection, as well as the exact time of connection, user names and passwords, among other data.


In any case, IP addresses and connection times are only recorded in services which it is suspected that a user could use illegally.