• Accesorios hogar

Our product range offers many accessories to customize our rest bases.

Juego de patas metálicas de sección ovalada. Para los modelos: Kineo Flectores, Kineo 4M, Kineo Plus, Kineo Basic, Ergos Cool, Ergos Plus, Ergos Basic, Ergos Fijo.
Oval section metallic leg sets. H-35 and H-45 height measures available. For Ergos and Kineo bed models.
Cylindrical section wooden leg sets, cherry-tree and wenge colours. H-35 height measure. For Ergos and Kineo bed models.
Wireless control to raise the articulated mattress platforms that allows raising and lowering without awkward wires. For Ergos Basic, Ergos Plus, Kineo 4 M, Kineo Plus and Kineo Basic bed models.
Mando inalámbrico para la elevación de planos en somieres articulados que permite la elevación y descenso sin incómodos cables. Para los modelos: Kineo Multiflectores y Kineo 4M.
System that allows the simultaneous raising and lowering of two electric bed platforms. For Electric Articulated Ergos and Kineo models.
Flat headboard that can be upholstered with different color of polyskin. 120 cm. headboard height, 10 cm. wider that the required measure. For Arcon Forest and Energy Upholstered Base.
Easy fixing clamps set by means of setting screws. Suitable for join two beds. For Ergos and Kineo models.
Side arch for better holding of the mattress whilst it is articulated. Suitable for double 38mm slats.