With over 50 years of experience, PARDO is one of the leading international manufacturer of hospital beds and furniture and a provider of modern smart room solutions for hospitals and nursing homes.


In 2012 PARDO joined the Pikolin Group which is one of the major industrial groups in Europe. With this merge, PARDO has started up a strong national and international expansion strategy with the objective to make PARTO one of the most important international brands of hospital beds and furniture.


Our ongoing reseach and development in the aim of finding new solutions is an important issue of our commitment to provide our customers with unique products based on technology and high quality.


Therefore, we are in constant contact with nurses, doctors and medical engineers in order to develop new products solutions that will make a difference in hospitals.


We are proud to have a highly qualified technical team that can solve any type of issue and provide all necessary assistance.


A PARDO essential pillar is to offer wide range and quality products as well as the best service our customers deserve. All products that leave our factory are controlled thoroughly by a Pardo’s designed quality machine, which controls all functionalities and quality of the product. This has allowed us several prestigious international quality certifications that attest our high quality and environmental management systems.


PARDO has modern manufacturing facilities located in Zaragoza (SPAIN), where all our products are manufactured. We only collaborate with approved suppliers, who are revised according to the highest quality standards. Our modern, flexible and advanced production is based on principles of efficiency, what means that we can customize our production very quick and effectively to meet our customer’s needs.