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Your care, our mission


Wide range of furniture for the elderly to create homogeneous, warm spaces, in which the user feels at home.

We offer a wide range of models of geriatric beds of high quality and excellent design getting three fundamental premises, ergonomics, safety and comfort of both professionals and users.
Armchairs for both patient and escorts, articulated manually or by gas, designed with ergonomic lines for greater comfort, strength and durability.
The bedside tables are of vital importance to user comfort during his stay in a residential setting. In Pardo, we design simple and functional bedside tables reinforced by resistant materials.
Our product range covers many therapy systems and complements our product range, such as transfer cranes to IV pole.
We have a great range of mattresses, both air and base shaped to prevent UPP's. Like that, we can give solutions in various healthcare settings.
Wide range of pillows that offer great comfort and adaptability helping to eliminate cervical problems.
Practical, easy to clean, comfortable and attractive design. This is what characterizes our auxiliary room furniture.