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The bedside cabinets are an important item for the comfort of the patient during his stay at the hospital.  In Pardo, we design bedside cabinets which are practical and safe to use, due to its constructing with HPL material

Hospital bedside cabinet NewCare, safe and useful, reinforced with HPL materials to acquire greater consistency, with the possibility of incorporating accessories and being able to customize it by the...
Mobile bedside cabinet, reversible with pivoting reading desk incorporated, foldable for reading and height adjustable to be used in hospital environment.
Bedside cabinet made of anodized aluminum structure, modular by side panels with laminate coating, assembled without gluing with an innovative appearance and a great lightness.
Bedside cabinet with upper shelter, drawer and lower door.
Bedside cabinet with upper drawer and two doors made of MDF panel.
Incorporated auxiliary table.
Incorporated auxiliary table.
Auxiliary tilt-top table with casters.
Auxiliary table with casters.
Auxiliary table with casters
Auxiliary wardrobe with casters.
Auxiliary wardrobe with casters.

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